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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2008
The Reflective Garden
Sponsor: Ruffer LLP

The Reflective Garden is a fusion of the formal and informal, with a contemporary theme, and plays on two of the senses: as the eye surveys the reflective pools, the ear is drawn to the sound of running water in the background. The garden is calm, tranquil, textural and reflective, largely green but interspersed with a few jewels. It has a geometric layout, both on the ground and vertically, and the planting scheme draws from marshes, ditches and reed beds.

The clipped cubes of box and the umbrella-shaped plane trees reconcile the sharp geometry of the pools to the softer planting around them. Statuesque hedges of pleached hornbeam provide a perfect backdrop for the early flowering plants and grasses reflected in the shimmering pools. Tall, massed angelicas stand within fluffy drifts of purple-flowering Calamagrostis and strap-like, creamy Iris sibirica. Arum lilies punctuate damp beds of mind your own business and cinnamon ferns and Aruncus jostle at the water's edge.

The shaded seating beneath the six umbrella trees is lit by a backdrop of many foxglove candles growing amongst elegant ferns and tall, rustling bamboos.

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